The Bank Job


By Debbie Elicksen.

The Bank Job (2008) is based on a true story. It’s like the British version of Oceans 11 but with not quite the climactic ending. The mystery suspense drama was written by Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement; and directed by Roger Donaldson.

Jason Statham is Terry Leather, a shady car dealer who is used to participating in small-time scores. He is approached by an old neighborhood friend, Martine Love (Saffron Burrows), about her inside knowledge to do a high paying bank job by breaking into the safe deposit boxes. A team of inexperience bank robbers are assembled to pull it off. However, there are trust issues that play out when Leather learns that Love has been running her own agenda. To avoid her own prosecution, she has been working with British authorities to recover the contents of a certain safe deposit box, which houses some pictures that can discredit the Royal Family.

The film features a lot of nudity and it is based on the true story about the pictures from Princess Margaret‘s sexual escapades with Jamaican men in the 1970s.

I knight this movie three stars our of five.

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