Messages Deleted


By Debbie Elicksen.

Jars of ideas from every day life experiences, for a writer, includes family, money, children, travel, and sometimes murder. What happens when the fiction becomes real life?

Writer Larry Cohen turns Messages Deleted (2009) into a thriller that ends with a twist. It starts with a writer, Joel Brandt (Matthew Lillard) receiving what he thinks is a crank phone call. It’s from someone he doesn’t know telling him she is going to die. Within the next hour, someone falls to their death right in front of him, and Brandt learns it is the same person who called. The police don’t believe him, but the cryptic calls continue. Brandt realizes each death has been mirroring a screenplay he stole from another writer.

The film was directed by Rob Cowan and also stars Deborah Kara, Michael Eklund, and Gina Holden. It’s a pretty good mystery drama that warrants 3.5 stars out of five.



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