The Informant!


By Debbie Elicksen.

The most bizarre factor about this movie is that it is actually based on actual events. It’s really hard to believe that this was a real person. The Informant! was written by Scott Z. Burns (screenplay) and Kurt Eichenwald (book), and directed by Steven Soderbergh. George Clooney is listed as one of the executive producers.

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This quirky comedic drama is about a terrible FBI informant. You can’t figure out if he is that naive or if he is playing everyone in the movie. Matt Damon is the likable Mark Whitacre. His physical transformation from a Hollywood hunk into a regular unassuming man you might pass by on the street is well done.

Whitacre tells the FBI agents (Scott Bakula and John McHale) about a price-fixing scam he has been witnessing in the food industry. This crime ends up morphing into tax fraud, kickbacks, forgery, and theft, and while he has his fingers directly inside the pie alongside those he is snitching on, he seems to think he will be the one left running the company. He unwittingly? sabotages the investigation at every turn when he won’t stop talking to people.

This is a fantastically fun dark comedy that was nominated for two Golden Globe awards. I give it two stars out of five.

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