No Escape


By Debbie Elicksen.

No Escape (2015) is about an American family that moves to Asia for a fresh start but they arrive in the middle of a coup d’état. John Erick Dowdle wrote (with Drew Dowdle) and directed this action thriller.

Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson) is set to begin his new role managing a new Southeast Asian water manufacturing plant. Problems arise in the first night when they have trouble using their electronics, so Jack finds his way into a market the following day just when an armed presence comes through. It becomes clear that the rebels are targeting foreigners as Jack sees people murdered before his eyes. He is fortunate to run into a British tourist, Hammond (Pierce Brosnan), who seems to know his way around town and helps Jack get back to his family. They must try and reach the American Embassy but the rebels have no regards for international diplomacy. There appears to be no refuge and no escape options.

Owen Wilson’s performance in this film should land him more serious roles. We ride on his every move, holding our breath through the entire movie. The action is non-stop and you might feel exhausted during the closing credits. The film doesn’t allow the characters any moments to relax and breathe. Lake Bell plays Anne Dwyer. Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare play Anne and Jack’s children Lucy and Beeze.

This is definitely five out of five stars.

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