Naked Among Wolves


By Debbie Elicksen.

Naked Among Wolves (2015) is a gripping story that takes place during tense days just before the Buchenwald camp was liberated during World War II. Director Philipp Kadelbach has helped make this film very realistic and the torture makeup is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Stefan Kolditz wrote the screenplay based on the novel by Bruno Apitz

A three-year-old child is smuggled into Buchenwald concentration camp in a suitcase. While the prisoner that brought him into the camp is shot, the suitcase winds up in the hands of Hans Pippig (Florian Stetter), who discovers the young boy inside. Only a couple of people know about the boy at first, and they know he will be killed if he is discovered by the Nazi officers.

The prisoners at the camp band hide the boy among them and band together to save him, despite the odd few who try to give him up for their own gain.

The film does not sugarcoat any aspect of what it would be like in a Nazi concentration camp and their treatment of its prisoners. There are many disturbing scenes. However, the movie is a beautiful look at how some risk their lives to save a young boy. It is fully subtitled and it is a full five stars out of five.

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