By Debbie Elicksen.

Dan Futterman wrote the screenplay for Capote (2005), based on the book by Gerald Clarke. The film was directed by Bennett Miller.

Philip Seymour Hoffman absolutely deserved the Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for his portayal of author Truman Capote. There just are not enough adjectives to describe his acting abilities. His character, much like the actor, has a lot of personal charisma.

The film is about Capote’s decision and process in writing his bestselling book In Cold Blood. He identifies and bonds with one of the Clutter family killers to get his story and bribes the prison warden for unlimited access. He wanted to learn and expose the killer’s world and how they got to the Clutter resident on that fateful night, how two worlds collided.

During the four-year journey to gather the background for the book, there was a lot of waiting around for court dates. It took him three years to hear the words come out of the killer’s mouth. He also attended the killer’s execution.

The book made Truman Capote the most famous writer in the United States. It also changed how people wrote in the future. The toll it took on him was so great that he never wrote another book.

Catherine Keener plays Nelle Harper Lee, who is Truman’s personal assistant. Clifton Collins Jr., Allie Mickelson, and Chris Cooper also appear in the film. This is definitely five out of five stars.

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