Paradise Road


By Debbie Elicksen.

Paradise Road (1997) is a compelling drama about a collection of women from different countries, classes, and histories being held captive by the Japanese during World War II. Bruce Beresford directed the film and writing credits go to Beresford, David Giles, Martin Meader, and Betty Jeffrey.

Held prisoner on the island of Sumatra, the women struggle to adjust to their new normal. High society women, who took their lifestyles for granted, face the realities of war. At first they have difficulty mixing with the women from other classes and races. Adrienne Pargiter (Glenn Close), who graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, comes up with the idea of a choir to bring them all together and offer some sense of hope. She manages to get the blessing of Sergeant Tomiashi (Clyde Kusatsu), who happens to be a music lover.
Frances McDormandCate BlanchettJulianna Margulies, and Stan Egi also star in this film. This film is five out of five stars.

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