Charlotte Gray


By Debbie Elicksen.

The story of Charlotte Gray (2001), set in France in World War II, was written by Jeremy Brock and directed by Gillian Armstrong.

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The movie is about a strong female character, Charlotte Gray (Cate Blanchette) who falls in love with pilot Peter Gregory (Rupert Penry-Jones). He is rumored to be shot down in France, and in order to search for him, Gray assumes a new identity and joins the resistance. She is set up to live with the resistance leader, Julien Levade’s (Billy Crudup) father Auguste Levade (Michael Gambon), where she finds a new purpose and direction.

Blanchette has a strong performance. Gray is a complicated character, but strong and her sometimes reckless choices end up saving her life. It’s not always common to see a strong female lead in a war drama, but she pulls it off well. I give this movie three stars out of five.

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