Palm Trees in the Snow


By Debbie Elicksen.

Fernando González Molina beautifully directed this captivating story about love and family. Palm Trees in the Snow (2015) will hold your heart through every scene. This international drama was written by Sergio G. Sánchez, based on the novel by Luz Gabás.

Mario Casas is Killam, who leaves his homeland of Spain in 1953 to work at a cacao plantation in Spanish Guinee, on the island of Ferdinand Poo. He is accompanied by his father and his brother. While he is there, he falls in love with Bisila (Berta Vázquez) — a taboo affair.

The movie fast forwards to the present day when a young woman Clarence (Adriana Ugarte) discovers a partial note among her father’s things after he dies. It looks important, so she embarks on a quest to discover its meaning. During her journey, she learns about her roots, and gains an understanding of her ancestry.

There are a lot of dynamics to this subtitled story. It is a compelling and thoughtful script that I give five out of five stars to.

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