All the Wrong Reasons

By Debbie Elicksen. All the Wrong Reasons (2013) is a well-played drama about the people who work at a big box retail store. The film was written and directed by Continue Reading →

Boy A

By Debbie Elicksen. Written by Mark O’Rowe, Boy A (2007) is powerful film where the past comes back to haunt young man who is trying to eke out a new life Continue Reading →

Ghosts of Mississippi

By Debbie Elicksen. Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) is the story of a civil rights crime that went unpunished for 25 years. It was directed by Rob Reiner and Lewis Colick wrote Continue Reading →

East of Eden

By Debbie Elicksen. “The minute I forgave him in my mind, I felt better.” East of Eden (1955) is set in 1917, during World War I. It’s a tale of two Continue Reading →

PewDiePie Proves That Gamer TV Rules

By Debbie Elicksen. YouTube Red was created because the reach of the YouTuber is too great to ignore. So the platform opened the door for subscription-based original content and ad-free Continue Reading →

The Bank Job

By Debbie Elicksen. The Bank Job (2008) is based on a true story. It’s like the British version of Oceans 11 but with not quite the climactic ending. The mystery Continue Reading →


By Debbie Elicksen. Syriana (2005) was written by Robert Baer and Stephen Gaghan, who also directed the movie. Not always easy to follow the plot line if you are not Continue Reading →

Rescue Dawn

By Debbie Elicksen. Rescue Dawn (2006) is based on the true account of Dieter Dengler (Christian Bale), a U.S. fighter pilot who becomes a prisoner of war after getting shot Continue Reading →

El Mariachi

By Debbie Elicksen. El Mariachi (1992) is the first film in the Robert Rodriguez trilogy. A mariachi man (Carlos Gallardo), who is looking for work, is mistaken for a ruthless killer Continue Reading →