Messages Deleted

By Debbie Elicksen. Jars of ideas from every day life experiences, for a writer, includes family, money, children, travel, and sometimes murder. What happens when the fiction becomes real life? Continue Reading →

Dolores Claiborne

By Debbie Elicksen. Dolores Claiborne lived the motto that “sometimes being a bitch is the only thing to hold onto.” Kathy Bates plays this character to perfection. This is a Continue Reading →

State of Play

By Debbie Elicksen. State of Play (2009) mixes politics, military contracts, gumshoe reporting, and murder into a delightful thriller written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, Tony Gilroy, Billy Ray and directed by Continue Reading →

American Psycho

By Debbie Elicksen. Christian Bale is perfectly cast in American Psycho (2000), written and directed by Mary Harron (also written with Guinevere Turner). The screenplay was adapted from the novel by Continue Reading →

Olympus Has Fallen

By Debbie Elicksen. Olympus Has Fallen (2013) is a scary political fiction because it could almost be too close to the truth if the wrong person gets elected and hires the Continue Reading →

The Informant!

By Debbie Elicksen. The most bizarre factor about this movie is that it is actually based on actual events. It’s really hard to believe that this was a real person. Continue Reading →

Charlotte Gray

By Debbie Elicksen. The story of Charlotte Gray (2001), set in France in World War II, was written by Jeremy Brock and directed by Gillian Armstrong. Wool and the gang, Continue Reading →

Losing Isaiah

By Debbie Elicksen. Stephen Gyllenhaal directed this compelling screenplay written by Naomi Foner, based on the Seth Margolis novel. The overall question the film leaves for its audience is what Continue Reading →

All About Steve

By Debbie Elicksen. What happens when you put a stalker, a news man, some protesters, and a sinkhole together? You get a wonderfully funny movie that stars two of the Continue Reading →